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- Maybe the "Master AI List in Database Form" idea is sort of a moot point as maybe these are needs only I have.  For example, as a personal user, I would search on things like "non-humanoid", "has female voice", "has female name", and depending on mood (lazy, timepressed) might limit to just visual mediums like TV and movies.  I'd probably only want literature where AI is frequently occuring in the story.  My own needs for this project remind me of this UFO sightings DB I used once where you could search on shape, date, location of sighting, beings seen, color of craft, etc.  Similarly, an AI searcher may not want to know about ALL AIs, just certain kinds.

- Some existing chatterbot websites have AI movie info too, but 1) they won't specialize in this like I think we need? (some "prop"/"non-main character" AIs are the best ones), and 2) is grouping AI fiction in with stuff that may be regarded as serious REAL AI projects a good idea?  (Maybe these lists should remain separate as fiction is for dreaming and imagining a potentially limitless future, whereas real AI is for possible limited real experience now in real life)

- I don't want to code another website, especially if no one will be interested.  Anyone know of an off-the-shelf database webapp with no programming required?  There must be such a gizmo out there by now?

Maybe the best idea is to set up the Wiki now (easy to install) and move to a structured searchable database later.  This way if no one uses the site, the loss is "who cares?"

In any event, this project is NOT going to be a "I do all the work, and then nobody actually uses the site" scenario.

- One good thing about running this ourselves is that our project can index DA content and other fan art, as well as relevant chatbots and other items.  Wikipedia and the chatbot sites are going to want "big name" content only and are going to possibly scoff at inclusion of robot drawings, original new unacclaimed literature, or fan art.

- Datasources:  Ultimately, we are going to want all content from any other similar sites on any site we make (since the goal is to be "A complete master list" after all).  Wikipedia is the largest, so what is their license agreement?  Can we just use their information?  If not, our project is pointless cause though incomplete, the Wikipedia lists "know more" than any single AI enthusiast does.  Other datasources would include fictional AI media mentioned on chatterbot, movie review, AI, and other websites (and we'd have to have volunteers routinely search the web for and add anything new to our system, including new Wikipedia content).  But most importantly, "personal experience" is a datasource, so would be important to log any fictional Als you see/have seen on TV, in movies/books, or any other parts of your travels (as ppl not doing this is how Wikipedia gets/got out of date)
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